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Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 is the latest version of Konami’s popular soccer game for Windows. Although PES 2013 looks very similar to Pro Evoultion Soccer 2012, it includes some subtle changes designed to improved both gameplay and graphics.

The gameplay in Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 is more manual than the previous version, making it more like a proper soccer simulation, rather than the arcade-style action of PES 2012. Though some elements seem to be heavily inspired by FIFA 12, this is no bad thing.

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PES 2013 keygen [Update 03/2015]

PES 2013 keyPES 2013 key

The rather restrictive control system of PES 2012 has been given an overhaul for Pro Evolution Soccer 2013. Developer Konami calls the new control system, ‘PES FullControl’. There’s a new dynamic first touch feature, where a player can trap the ball using the R2 button in order to gain instant control of the ball.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 offers manual passing, and manual shooting is introduced to the game for the first time, allowing you to modify the height and power of each. FullControl also improves dribbling, slowing down player speeds and allowing players to add various styles to their close control using the R2 button.

The manual control tweaks delivered by the FullControl system in Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 definitely makes for an improved gameplay experience, which will delight experienced PES fans. However, novices will still be able to pick up and play the game without a problem.


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