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Excalibur PublishingEuro Truck Simulator 2 keygen is pleased to announce that we’ll be partnering with developer SCS Software once again to publish Euro Truck Simulator 2. SCS are the leading experts in the trucking sim genre and have developed such hit titles as ‘UK Truck Simulator’, ‘SCANIA Truck Driving Simulator – The Game’ and of course the original ‘Euro Truck Simulator’.Euro Truck Simulator 2 offers an unrivalled trucking experience with a massive amount of content that will keep you playing for many months or even years! Prove your skills in manoeuvring these impressive vehicles and take on a selection of delivery contracts across an incredible amount of European cities! A phenomenal amount of work has gone into this title from the creation of a European map that has taken years to create, an in depth business management section and high quality graphics that are a feast for the eyes!

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Euro Truck Simulator 2 keygen download:

Euro Truck Simulator 2 keygen


Euro Truck Simulator 2 keygen

Euro Truck Simulator 2 keygen

Euro Truck Simulator 2.torrent + Keygen



  • Take to the wheel in over 60 cities set across Europe including England, Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, France and more!
  • Thousands of miles of real and well-known road networks.
  • Hundreds of world famous landmarks and structures that can be seen when touring Europe.
  • Customise your rig in a variety of different ways ranging from performance to purely cosmetic.
  • Get behind the wheel of fully licensed trucks from several real life truck manufacturers.
  • Start your own trucking business and watch it develop, even as you perform your own deliveries.
  • Earn experience to unlock new missions.
  • Make use of the fully functional GPS system to help you reach your destination.
  • Explore the map to discover new truck dealerships.
  • Expand your own delivery fleet by purchasing more powerful trucks.


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    The game, as released, as exceeded all expectations. It is a stunning achievement for SCS and their greatest version.I have the game but missed a key. Until today! Thank you

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    A lot of new maps and a lot of trucks. The best game! Thanks for key

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    My first truck sim, and I am lovin' it. Thanks for key

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    The best of truck simulator ! Thanks for key !!

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      The visuals are good and the weather effects and day night cycles are well done. Good job – Serial is good.

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    The best truck game… 😀 Thanks , very thanks

  15. CrazyDog Reply

    I am really liking the sound of this Truck mod system they included. You can switch which side you want the driver in the cab. EG left for euro or right for UK . Aaaaaaaa key working !! Thanks

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    game is great thanks man

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